This institution is established by a group of expert academicians, professionals and philanthropists who have gathered under one roof with the sole objective of spreading healthy education to all aspiring young students of our society. We aim to bring out the hidden talents of the young students. We propose to help our students release their strength, recognize their aptitude and mould them according to their needs.

President Message

Our mission at AAKASH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is to offer Quality Value Based Education rooted in the rich cultural heritage of our nation. We aim at realising the full potential-physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual-of each child and to instill in him/her the belief, values and attributes for success in life, as well as to become an honest human being. We, at AAKASH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION , have a child-oriented education that aids in developing mental strength, inner discipline, creativity and positive self-image as he/she is treated as a unique individual and allowed to work at his/her own pace and level of readiness. Besides achieving high academic standards, our goal at AAKASH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is to develop a child’s total personality. Discipline, Character building, independent thought, Self-confidence, Self-help, Honesty, etc. are some of the important virtues which we try and inculcate as part of the education. While the COLLEGE provides the Child ample opportunities to develop, your constant support and timely encouragement at home will enable him/her to truly benefit from everything the COLLEGE offers. Remember that the Parents have a lasting influence in the Child’s life; therefore, let your Child learn through good example set by you. So let us together work to give these children a bright and successful future.
With Regards,
Mr. Rakesh Malik

Director Message

     As a Director, I am pleased to welcome prospective students and the parents who have shown interest in becoming a part of the ever increasing AAKASH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION family.     I believe that AAKASH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is a very special place because of our unique approach to combine the best of the East with the best of the West in providing a curriculum that helps us in preparing Students who are prepared to face the ever increasing competitive world with courage and belief. Our distinguished faculty are engaged in providing quality value based education and at the same time are devote to mentoring the students. This is a community of teachers and scholars engaged in addressing the most disturbing educational problems.     We are adopting new learning environments and new technologies- in classrooms and in co-curricular programs-dedicated to preparing the next generation of Students & Professionals who have the desire and ... Read More +


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