Director Message

     As a Director, I am pleased to welcome prospective students and the parents who have shown interest in becoming a part of the ever increasing AAKASH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION family.

    I believe that AAKASH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is a very special place because of our unique approach to combine the best of the East with the best of the West in providing a curriculum that helps us in preparing Students who are prepared to face the ever increasing competitive world with courage and belief. Our distinguished faculty are engaged in providing quality value based education and at the same time are devoted to mentoring the students. This is a community of teachers and scholars engaged in addressing the most disturbing educational problems.

    We are adopting new learning environments and new technologies- in classrooms and in co-curricular programs-dedicated to preparing the next generation of Students & Professionals who have the desire and knowledge to utilize their learning experience for prosperity of the Society and the Nation. Our shared committment to democracy, diversity, and social justice means that the problem we take up are motivated by the need to address deep imbalances in today’s schools. Now, more than ever, equal educational opportunity is of unparalleled importance to ensure full participation in a democratic society to raise the level of challenge and at the same time provide multiple paths into full participation.

     Within the AAKASH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION community, we are proud of our Policy of “Best Should Teach” Initiative where top professionals & academicians are recruited to become teachers, and also play a leading role in providing AAKASH COLLEGE OF EDUCATION students across campus with deep and purposeful learning experiences through civic engagement and service learning.

      Prospective students, if these commitment resonate with you and reflect the kind of work you would like to do, I hope to do, I hope you will contact a faculty member or school representative to find out more.

With  Regards,                                                                                                                        



Mr. D.N. Jain

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